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Use the Best Benefits of LTL to Leverage Your Shipping Operations

The economics of scale often favour big companies. It’s obvious that a company like Walmart has better purchasing power than a local mom and pop shop given the massive volume of product the company buys for its individual locations. For a small-scale company that relies on shipping to move its goods to wholesalers and consumers, it’s not always possible to fill a full-size tractor-trailer. That when it becomes a competitive necessity to utilize the services of LTL trucking companies.

The Benefits of LTL Shipping for Small Companies

Simply put, LTL trucking in Canada is an exceptionally flexible option for small-scale businesses and emerging e-commerce operations. Working with an experienced 3PL provider, a small business hoping to secure reliable shipping can piggyback on other shipments through LTL options heading to multiple destinations. LTL freight typically ranges from around 50 kilograms to over 2,200 kilograms, although weights can climb depending on the density of the products being shipped. Being able to reap the benefits of LTL pricing helps small businesses avoid footing the full bill for trucking while moving less than a full load. Utilizing LTL services is much more cost effective than parcel shipping, which depending on the number of shipments could grow into substantial costs.

There are other benefits to working with LTL trucking companies for shipping fulfillment. Just search LTL trucking near me to find a 3PL provider that can demonstrate all the reasons LTL freight transport helps businesses remain competitive. For starters, LTL shipping comes with pick-up and delivery assistance. This kind of service is helpful when your logistics needs including shipping to multiple destinations across the country or across the border. Sorting, segregating, optionally lift-gate service, and availability of pallet jacks reduces the hassles involved for your company, your driver, and your clients. LTL is entirely flexible, and your 3PL partner can reap the benefits of a huge network of providers to ensure your needs are aligned with the right LTL trucking companies. Best of all, LTL shipping can help you move your products faster and more efficiently; you never have wait until you have a shipment large enough to fill an entire trailer before things start to roll. That could be the difference in ensuring your customers are completely satisfied.

Choose NATS Canada to Leverage the Best Shipping Options

NATS Canada is a leading name in 3PL services designed for businesses of all sizes. For clients requiring LTL services, NATS Canada draws from a vast network of international trucking companies to ensure your shipping needs are met. Incorporating the latest technology and employing an experienced staff of experts in logistics, NATS Canada can work with your small business or e-commerce company to save money in the execution of your shipping requirements. NATS quotes your price based on five factors:

  • The total weight of the freight being shipped.
  • The dimensions of the freight.
  • Total distance to travel for delivering the freight.
  • Type of shipping required – urgent freight delivery or standard service.
  • The delivery requirements of the cargo being shipped.
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