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Various Ways to Load & Unload Cargo

There’s no glamorous way to put it – loading and unloading freight from ground transportation vehicles is not the sexiest job in the world. However, it is a critical responsibility for companies invested in supply chain logistics. Thankfully, it’s not just a manual job. There are many options involved in loading and unloading procedures related to freight shipping in Canada.

What’s Up, Dock?

Logistics companies in Mississauga and Canadian 3PL companies across the country are well aware of what capabilities their transport partners have, whether that means their vast network of shippers or the people staffing docks where loading and unloading occurs. That said, it’s important to always check to see what each consignee or shipper has to offer to ensure loading and unloading can be handled efficiently and safely. Here are a few common options for companies tasked with freight shipping in Canada.

Docks – the Tailor Made Option

The easiest way to load a dry van is from a dock, a platform approximately 48 inches in height that allows for easy loading and unloading of cargo from a bay or storage facility. A trailer floor that’s level with a shipping dock ensures safe loading and unloading of boxes, crates, and large items.

Forklifts – the Mobile Option

Forklifts can be used to load and unload whether a dock is present or not. Forklifts are mobile, which allows them to assist in loading and unloading in tight spaces or when vertical lifting is required to move freight off and on. There are weight limitations when it comes to the amount forklifts can actually lift – usually in the range of 3,000 pounds all the way to 75,000 pounds (for heavy industrial forklifts).

A Whole New Meaning for Tailgating

Tailgates (or liftgates) are the versatile machinery found at the back of a truck installed there for loading and unloading various freight. In the absence of forklifts or docks, an electronic tailgate can accommodate various freight loads. They do have their limits, as they can’t be removed from their roost on the truck. However, they do help make the task of loading and unloading much simpler and easier.

Ramp It Up When Necessary

Loading ramps are a great secondary option when there’s no appropriate loading dock available. Maneuvering them takes skill to mitigate the risk involved in rolling up and down ramps to load or unload freight. Such inclines allow for manual access or use of a forklift to complete the process of freight shipping in Canada.

Rely on NATS Canada to Ensure Everything Is in Order

NATS Canada works with a network of shippers and transport operators with large fleets, warehousing and dock to dock operations. Our team will ensure everything is ready for smooth transport of your goods anywhere in North America.

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