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What Are the Benefits of Dry Van Shipping?

We’ve all seen it – a pickup truck on the highway with its cargo bed overloaded with mattresses, furniture, lumber, or misshapen loads, improperly secured and just waiting to fly off into some unsuspecting traveller. While you have to admire that DIY spirit, you also have to condemn the sheer lunacy of that accident-waiting-to-happen. Hauling large loads safely is a profession requiring the expertise of companies experienced in dry van transportation services.

The Many Benefits of Dry Van Shipping Services

What is a dry van? – A dry van is a type of semi-trailer that’s fully enclosed to protect shipments from outside elements. There are primarily contracted and designed to haul palletized boxed or loose freight. Unlike refrigerated reefer units, dry vans aren’t temperature-controlled and they are not able to carry oversized loads. Whether you’re shipping heavy items or shipping large items, a dry van trailer can be the perfect choice. There are many different sizes of dry van trailers, but there are two primary sizes:

  • A standard dry foot trailers is 53 feet (15.2 meters) in length, with a length and height of 8 feet 6 inches. These types of trailers are good to haul loads as heavy as 20,400 kilograms (approximately 45,000 pounds). They can accommodate up to 26 standard-sized pallets of dry cargo.
  • A 28-foot (8.5 meters) trailer is often the trailer of choice for LTL shipments for businesses who don’t have the volume requirements of FTL shipping. They can haul up to 10,200 kilograms (approximately 22,5000 pounds) and can fit 14 standard sized pallets for shipping.

There are many reasons companies choose dry van shipping services. For supply chain logistics, dry vans are well-positioned for the transportation of consumer-packaged goods, electronics, foods, clothing, and furniture. They offer exceptional protection for freight, as dry van trailers are enclosed on all sides and locked up at the back. This fact offers great peace of mind to shippers tracking their loads as they travel across country and across the border. Even more important is the fact that dry van shipping solutions help protect cargo from weather hazards, which is critical in the busy December holiday season when snow and demand and increasing in equal measure. Prices vary when shipping heavy items or shipping large items, but overall dry van shipping is one of the most affordable options for ground transportation shipping. There is rarely any service extras or special operation of such trailers required, and most carriers are equipment to execute dry van shipping responsibilities.

Best Benefits of LTL Shipping

NATS Canada Offers Dry Van Shipping Services

NATS Canada offers ones of the most extensive and reliable dry van transport networks across the nation and abroad. Our multiple dry van transportation services allow us to be completely flexible for companies requiring dry van services. Whether you’re shipping to one location or multiple locations, our team at NATS Canada can deliver exceptional results. Covid-19 has certainly challenged the trucking industry given the importance of maintaining the supply chain to markets across North America. Working with NATS Canada you can ensure your shipping needs are able to be met. Look us up when you require professional dry van shipping.

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