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What Are The Things To Know Before Shipping Freight Internationally?

There’s a process to every type of shipping that helps make things run smoothly. That’s true if you’re shipping across the province or across the continent. Of course, shipping freight internationally involves a few more of those processes into order to ensure the shipment makes it to its final destination. Here are a few of things you should know about shipping internationally from the experts at NATS Canada, one of the country’s top freight shipping companies.


Freight shipping companies in Canada are well-versed in the unique sets of rules and regulations that must be followed to facilitate international shipping. That’s because the rules are fluid and subject to change; staying on top of those changes is critical to the credibility and success of international shipping companies in Canada. For starters, there is a requisite amount of documentation that has to be addressed with every shipment, whether the freight is shipping by truck, train, plane or vessel. Both the U.S. and Canada each have their own detailed paperwork that needs to be filled out, as do other countries around the world. Paperwork changes depending on what is being shipped and its value; some products are banned in certain countries, so no amount of paperwork will matter. Ultimately there are some documents of which all shippers should be aware. These include things like a commercial invoice, a certificate of origin, a bill of lading, a shipper’s export declaration and even a NAFTA certificate of origin. Most 3PL companies that handle freight shipping in Canada can expertly navigate the required documentation to ensure shipments get to where they’re supposed to be.

The mode of transportation chosen to move your shipment will have a big impact on the rules and regulations that apply. Shipping ocean freight requires different documentation than shipping air freight. Trucking firms have their own unique layers of bureaucracy to weed through when hauling across international borders. The relationships existing between international trade partners can also have an effect on the expediency of moving shipments. A change in government can also have an affect on shipping, as politics creep in, tariffs are enacted and borders become more difficult to cross. Again, it’s a good reason to be sure to work with the best freight shipping companies. These are ones with years of experience, exceptional track records and huge networks of shipping partners.


NATS Canada has developed years of experience and a team of logistics experts that understand the inherent challenges involved in international shipping. As a professional 3PL provider, NATS can provide expert service for your shipping and supply chain solutions. Working with a company that has established relationships internationally is important to your peace of mind. Your shipment is valuable, and you want to know you have a great company in your corner should there be any issues with your international shipment. When you’re in the market for the services of international freight shipping companies, choose the best – NATS Canada.

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