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What Are the Various Options Available for Hauling Heavy Equipment?

Transport trucks and big rig trailer units haul a lot of cargo along the ribbons of asphalt that wind their way across North America. However, their real value comes with the job of hauling heavy equipment. Heavy haul jobs include anything beyond conventional dimensions, including oversized freight, wide loads, and heavy industrial or construction equipment like windmill arms or giant bulldozers. For this to happen in a safe and affordable fashion, you need to work with a company that knows heavy equipment shipping.

What It All Comes Down to Is the Right Trailer

Heavy haul trucking is a tough job. Deciding the best way to move giant, weirdly shaped equipment along roads shared with distracted commuter traffic is what keeps truckers awake at night. However, as companies involved in heavy equipment shipping Canada can attest, the goal is always to move cargo in the safest and most efficient way possible. A lot of that comes down to the choice of trailer, and here are three of the best options for heavy equipment transport.

Flatbed trailers – Across North America, flatbed trailers are the ones most often used for heavy equipment shipping. Flatbeds are flexible and versatile; as an open trailer it is highly functional for transporting large pieces of equipment, construction vehicles and large over-sized parts. They can handle heavy payloads and are easy to load.

Low profile trailers – There are a lot of overhead impediments for truckers when driving along freeways and through urban boundaries. Height-related hazards are the bane of a heavy-haul driver’s existence; a driver has to constantly be cognizant of the height allowances they may face while in the midst of heavy equipment transport. Low profile trailers help make the job a little easier.

Tilt trailers – These are exceptional choices given the ease of loading and unloading them. The lifts built into a tilt trailer allow payloads to roll onto the trailer or be easily guided onto the bed. They are exceptionally versatile and used across the construction and industrial sector.

Consider NATS Canada for Your Heaving Equipment Shipping Canada

When you’re in need for the right trailer consider NATS Canada. We are experts in heavy equipment transport and can quickly mobilize oversize load trucking companies across Canada to accommodate all heavy equipment shipping needs. Our team of experts can select the proper equipment for your job, anything from a standard multi-axel flatbed to double-drops and RGN’s. By leveraging our network of carriers, we can find you the most affordable and safest option available. Our staff has a vast knowledge about heavy equipment transport, and we can quickly find the right option. As one of Canada’s top 3PL companies, we have a reputation for exceptional service and providing the right trucking solutions to all sectors.

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