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What Factors to Consider When Shipping Heavy Items?

The complexities involved in shipping any freight across the country are many. Those complexities increase when shipping larger, heavier items. Expenses increase when your shipping requires special accommodations and more involved logistics. That’s why smart companies often engage experienced 3PL providers when they require heavy equipment shipping in Canada.

What’s Involved in Heavy Haul Trucking?

Heavy equipment shipping does require a high degree of expertise given the logistics involved. When heavy equipment is oversized and overweight, a great deal of planning is required to ensure the safety of the load, the efficiency of costs, and absolute compliance with the rules and regulations that will govern your shipment through its entire journey.

There are many different factors that determine the cost and the requirements involved in moving your heavy items. For example, the weight, the dimensions, the potential duty and taxes, the requested delivery window, and the cost are all important factors any company will want answers to prior to arranging shipment. Density and weight are two of the primary determining factors of determining the ultimate cost of shipping. Large light items can take up valuable space whereas a dense shipment could be smaller and take up less space. Companies that provide heavy equipment shipping in Canada options want to maximize the revenue they get on each load so density and weight are critical parts of the estimate.

Tracking and Distance Costs Involved in Heavy Haul Trucking

The farther the distance the more involved the logistics which results in a corresponding increase in cost. Costs vary during different parts of the trip. For example, getting freight from the distribution centre into the hands of the ultimate customers can be a significant part of the overall costs. Customs costs can also be a part of the expense for heavy haul trucking of large heavy loads. There are many rules and regulations involved in shipping large items like heavy equipment so they have to be factored into the ultimate cost. Some oversized loads may require special routing, escorts, and time restrictions depending on what routes the loads may be taking. All of these are important factors that a 3PL provider can address when working with a company shipping heavy loads.

NATS Canada Can Help Move Your Heavy Freight and Large Equipment

Through years of working with heavy equipment transport providers, NATS Canada has been able to identify the premier heavy haul carriers currently operating in Canada and the USA. We have built a strong, stable network of flatbed and heavy equipment hauling companies who specialize in oversize loads. That means we can deliver cargo on time and within budget for any heavy haul shipment exceeding the maximum weight (approximately 46,000 lbs) or maximum dimensions allowed for over-the-road shipping. Think of NATS Canada first when you need heavy freight and equipment moves.

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