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What Is ELD and Why Has It Been Made Mandatory for Trucking Companies?

No one thinks it’s a good idea for long haul truckers to be behind the wheel of a loaded rig way past the point of exhaustion. That said, there are still a lot of question circling around the industry now that the new Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate went into effect in Canada in June. While the goal is to improve road safety to reduce driver fatigue, many wonder how it will impact customer service, especially for international logistics companies.

What Is ELD And Why Is It Now Mandatory

The ELD mandate is a safety initiative being implemented in Canada that will have an affect on freight shipping companies and their carrier partners. In essence, the new mandate limits driver in Canada to 13 hours a day within a 16 hour workday. Upon completion of such a shift, drivers are now regulated to being off duty for eight consecutive hours, presumably to rest and recover so they’re not getting behind the wheel exhausted. It’s similar to legislation that went into effect in the USA in 2017, so there will be impact on those companies shipping freight across USA and Canada. This is mandatory legislation, so all truck drivers who would normally maintain a logbook will now need to use a certified ELD, one that is approved by the Government of Canada for such use. Given the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic in getting devices in place, truckers have been given a bit of a grace period form Canada’s transport minister in securing their certified devices. However, financial penalties for non-compliance will come into effect tentatively in June, 2022.

Anytime new legislation comes into effect there are things carriers must do to prepare. For international logistics companies that oversee fleets, that means getting a properly certified ELD model for use. Using a model with US certification only isn’t going to cut it; Canadians must have a device independently certified in Canada to be compliant. Freight shipping companies are going to have to deal with the reality that many models won’t be certified in Canada, so the pressure is on to find ELDs that are. If you’re a U.S. or Canadian carrier with a large percentage of your business being cross-border shipping runs, you may have to switch to a Canadian vendor rather than a U.S. based ELD vendor to continue operating without breaking any rules. There are some exemptions that all carriers will want to explore to ensure you’re not in violation, like short-haul runs within a 160 kilometre radius. However, the new ELD mandate will be something all drivers and freight shipping companies will have to deal with now the date has arrived for full implementation of the mandate.

Work with A 3PL Like NATS Canada for Your Shipping Needs

At NATS Canada, we will continue to source out of the best partner carriers who can seamlessly integrate the ELD mandate into their business. While the new system may result in longer transit times due to the heavy regulation of the industry, we are fully in favour of the changes from a safety standpoint. Our goal has always been to provide top notch 3PL services to ensure the safe and affordable transport of goods.

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