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What Measures Do Trucking Companies Take to Avoid Accidents During Delivery?

Every year, approximately 1.3 million people are killed in car accidents world wide, an average of 3,287 deaths per day. In Canada, over 160,000 accidents occur each year; estimates show that almost 15 percent of highway deaths in Canada are due to collisions involving large trucks. Clearly, there are risks involved for those individuals and companies making a living on the road. It’s a reason why safety measures are so important to trucking companies in Canada.


Some believe accidents are an inevitable risk. Other believe there are no accidents, just a series of careless decisions that lead to accidents happening. Regardless, trucking companies in Mississauga have to hope for the best but plan for the worst by implementing strict safety protocols. Driver fatigue, unsafe road conditions and unpredictable weather will always be a reality for trucking companies in Ontario; however, if a few of these steps are taken, it can help mitigate the chances of accidents happening.

  • Implement better driver training. Like piloting a new commercial jet, commanding a big rig takes the skill of a well-trained professional. Regular simulator training can take drivers through virtual simulations, teaching them how to react and avoid scenarios that can lead to accident. Of course, any virtual training has to be conducted in concert with real testing on the road. Together, better training methods will ensure drivers are up to the task of operating today’s high-tech trucks.
  • Incorporating better communication technology. With GPS, trucking software, in-cab blue tooth capability and mobile phones, trucking companies in Canada and their drivers are more connected than ever. That’s a good thing, because it helps drivers to communicate vital information when on the road. Utilizing the vast number of apps available to truckers is also an effective way to ensure drivers are following proper protocols while having all the information they need to take the best route, find the best parking and deliver to the right address.
  • Making safety a priority for everyone is critical throughout the entire supply chain. That means following all the rules and regulations when on the road, when parked, when loading and unloading. Safe workplaces can only stay safe if everyone buys into the program. Yes, there are risks involved anytime you roll a rig out onto a highway, but committing to safety is one way to reduce the chances accidents can happen.


As a non-asset-based company, NATS Canada relies on our asset-based carriers to take the necessary steps to ensure safety at all times. Working with a vast number of carriers allows us to pick and choose the best trucking companies in Canada with the best safety records. We keep our own records of any issues that arise with particular carriers and if we have any concerns we don’t hire them. Our goal is to provide safe, affordable 3PL services to our clients, and working with only those trucking companies in Ontario with a safe record allows us to deliver on that promise.

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