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What to Consider While Choosing a Heavy Haul Trailer for Safe Transit

There is no more jarring sight to the average commuter than seeing a heavy haul trailer carrying an oversized load down the highway. It’s intimidating, it’s stressful and it has all the optics of being dangerous to drive behind or beside. Trucking firms that emphasize safety know that; it’s stressful for even the most qualified heavy haul driver. It’s why companies that require heavy haul services should always consider using only professional heavy haul carriers in Ontario.

Minimize the Risk by Choosing the Right Heavy Haul Trailer

Choosing the right equipment from heavy haul trucking companies requires a matrix of complicated decisions. Even a 3PL provider with vast experience has to carefully consider the specifications of the load being shipped, the condition and traffic flow of roads for the intended route, and the right trailer necessary to ensure a safe trip – one with the requisite capacity and proper features to comply with regulations. If it were simple, a 50-tonne trailer would always be the right choice for capably hauling a 50-tonne load. All you would have to do is google heavy-haul trucking companies near me, tell them the weight of your load and you’d get the right trailer. Of course, heavy hauling is not that simple, as other factors weigh into the decision.

Five factors are normally used in calculated a trailer’s maximum capacity rating. These include the size and weight of the materials or equipment being hauled, the suggested overall weight the trailer is designed to carry, the area of the deck where the weight will be distributed, the travel speed and best practices to ensure the safety of the load. Load concentration is another key consideration for a 3PL provider looking to secure a client the right trailer. Designs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer; as a result, one trailer may require the entire length of the deck to carry the same weight load that may only take up half of another manufacturer’s trailer. Top speed capability and overall trailer safety ratings help distinguish industry-leading manufacturers from run-of-the-mill trailers.

The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to heavy haul trailers. Some designs result in a reduced load capacity when travelling over adverse road conditions. Some trailers are chosen for certain specialty features like a wooden floor to secure the load directly on the deck.

Ensure Safe Transit with a Professional 3PL Provider

The team at NATS Canada has extensive experience working with heavy haul trucking companies to ensure clients get the right solution. The operations team works diligently to ensure customers wind up with a trailer that will ensure safe, affordable transport. They take into account all weight specifications, dimensions, commodity being hauled, and any special requirements that may be necessary. Before anything ships, they verify the equipment is the right choice. For safe, affordable heavy haul transport solutions with a long track record of success, choose NATS Canada.

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