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Why Dry Vans Are the Backbone of Modern Shipping?

The increasing awareness of the importance of the trucking industry to keeping the supply chain flowing across Canada and North America was bolstered by the pandemic. Suddenly people were getting schooled in trucking terminology like “third party logistics” and “intermodal transportation.” One thing that became perfectly clear is the value of dry vans when it came to shipping heavy items.

Essential Information About Dry Van Freight Companies

Dry van transport is facilitated by an enclosed, non-temperature-controlled truck trailer that is primarily contracted for the shipping of non-perishable freight. It is a fairly typical truck, with doors at the back and standard lengths for ground shipping in North America. Dry vans differ from other methods of truck transport like flatbed trailers, which are most commonly used to transport large, oversized freight or freight that doesn’t need protection from the weather. Dry vans, on the other hand, are typically protected from the elements and offer an additional level of security because of their ability to provide an enclosed, locked space. There are a variety of benefits to using dry vans beyond their use for shipping heavy items. Here are a few examples:

Competitive Pricing

Google “dry van companies near me” and you’re going to find a variety of professional trucking companies that offer competitive dry van services. This has become a highly competitive industry, especially in the wake of increases in online shopping and higher consumer demand for fast delivery of products. A good negotiator can most likely find an even better deal with trying to book dry van services.

Variety of Uses

Dry van freight companies can ship just about anything that can comfortably fit inside a dry van space. From all sorts of consumer goods and electronics to construction materials, non-perishable foods, automotive parts, and more, dry vans are versatile and a key pillar of the trucking industry. A good 3PL provider should have a network of dry van shipping companies at their disposal to help move your products.

Variety of Options

For less than load services, many shipping companies can offer great pricing on dry van services for those shippers who may not require the entire interior space available in a dry van. Small start ups looking to reduce rising shipping costs can work with dry van companies to find the best and most affordable solutions.

Any business that requires the shipping of non-perishable and non-refrigerated items can consider dry van transport as the best option.

Work With NATS Canada to Find the Best Option

NATS Canada is one of the best third party logistics (3PL) companies in Canada. Our team has the vast experience and expertise to help find you the most secure, most affordable shipping option. We also provide exceptional support from administration and customs to determining proper routing for your shipments.

When you’re in the need of dry van shipping services, reach out to NATS Canada.

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