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Why Would It Be Wise to Adopt the ELD Update ASAP

In the digital age, it would seem wise for any industry using paper to record and store important transactions related to their business to make the switch to digital alternatives. Embracing technology is the push behind the Canadian government’s decision to require drivers who keep a Record of Duty Status (RODS) to make the switch from paper to more efficient electronic logging devices or ELDs. Here are a few reasons for the switch to happen for international logistics companies.

  • The Time Is Now: Canada has officially announced that the use of ELDs will become mandatory for federally regulated commercial vehicle operators in the country. The mandate aimed at improving road safety comes into effect in June 2021. Drivers have fair warning that this is coming into effect, as do fleet managers tasked with finding solutions that are compliant with the mandate. Those that procrastinate may find their fleet parked in the lot if they can’t get their hands on ELDs during the inevitable last minute rush.
  • Order for the Border: Simply put, any international freight companies hauling freight or driving for commercial purposes across the border from Canada into the U.S. will be required to have an ELD solution in place. Regardless of what happens in Canada, that means drivers need to be proactive now to be in compliance when crossing into the States. Without it a driver could find him or herself stuck and unable to fulfill the mission.
  • Get the Right ELD for the Job: There are many different ELDs available to international shipping companies in Canada. All have different functions. More important is the fact that not all of them are in full compliance with the Canadian and U.S. HOS rules, nor do they all provide the right tools for fleet managers to streamline their workflow. Shop early to find the right ELD for the job required. Also, be aware that there are different upfront hardware costs for different ELD solutions. There are options available that can leverage a driver’s smartphone, which helps reduce costs. Research the right solution for your needs. Some are also easier to use than others. Drivers who often have difficulty embracing complicated technology will appreciate models that are easier to use and don’t require great amounts of training to implement.

NATS Canada Offers Reliable Shipping from Canada to the USA

As one of the country’s top international logistics companies, NATS Canada will always ensure its contracted carriers are compliant and up to day on ELD use in both Canada and the U.S. Our network of carriers and international shipping companies in Canada provides a quick, cost-effective and safe delivery service from Canada to the U.S. and the U.S. to Canada. Whether it’s drybed or flatbed, LTL or oversized loads, our team and handle the job in a professional manner with a focus on customer satisfaction.

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