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Why You Need Logistics for Your Construction Site?

The ebb and flow of construction site logistics requires expert attention given to the need for safety. Project planners, developers, and construction managers need to have a high degree of competency to facilitate movement of heavy construction equipment, building supplies, and tradespeople in a safe and efficient manner. Professional management of site logistics as well as supply chain logistics is critical. It’s the number one reason why construction logistics should be handled by professional logistics companies in Canada.

Managing Your 3PL Logistics In Toronto

There are many layers involved in the professional management of construction logistics. Construction logistics companies have to develop the best process for organizing the supply and disposal of material shipments, the safe delivery and movement of heavy equipment like cranes and excavators, and the daily flow of workers to the site. Timing is of the utmost importance as well, as any delays in constructions always send costs spiralling. Working with logistics companies in Canada that have a long track record in developing comprehensive construction logistics plans (CPL) is simply smart business.

Urban development often occurs on sites that are landlocked, surrounded by towers and long-established urban structures that make the need for a CPL even more vital. There are multiple elements that must be factored into any plan developed for large construction. These include:

  • Proper permits
  • Awareness of zoning restrictions
  • Facilitation of materials and equipment shipping through all phases of construction
  • Inventory management and warehousing
  • Worker and pedestrian safety around the site
  • Development of proper access routes in and out of the construction site
  • Procuring of proper equipment and construction vehicles and machinery
  • Facilitation of off-site fabrication and assembly
  • Demolition and excavation
  • Removal of aggregates

The list goes on. The benefits of a site logistics plan become increasingly more important as you dig into the complicated planning that goes into major construction projects. Poor planning is a red flag no matter how big or small the project may be. Logistics construction management teams have to develop a proper plan and timeline for each stage of the project, right down to final landscaping after the building construction is complete. Working with logistics companies in Canada from the beginning is the only way to ensure there is a solid roadmap to success available for everyone involved in the project. All stakeholders need to have a solid understanding of the resources being allocated, the on-site logistics, and the plan being implemented to deliver the project.

NATS Canada Offers 3PL Logistics Expertise to All Parties

When it comes to transportation logistics involved in such projects, NATS Canada has a national network of carriers at our disposal to assist you in moving equipment and materials to construction sites efficiently and safely.

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