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Features of an Ideal Flatbed Shipping Company

Is there an ideal flatbed shipping company out there? One that sets the standard for excellence when it comes to knowledge, competency, service and accountability. Perhaps. Like every industry, not all transportation companies are created equal. What’s important when trying to secure the right partner for your needs is knowing what to look for in companies specializing in flatbed trucking.

What Attributes Define the Best Flatbed Trucking Companies in Ontario?

Two full truck load companies can provide a similar menu of services but have very different reputations in the industry. Here are the proficiencies to look for in a credible flatbed trucking company.

  • Licences and insurance. No credible flatbed shipping company operates without having proper insurances and valid licenses. If you see companies offering enormous discounts making unbelievable promises, check their credentials. Chances are they aren’t paying the fees associated with licencing and insurance.
  • Well maintained fleet. Your investment should never be loaded onto flatbed trailers that aren’t regularly maintained and sporting top notch safety features. A used vehicle can be a solid option if it’s been regularly serviced and all aspects of the trailer are routinely checked. Flatbed trucking companies that offer a top-quality fleet of trucks and trailers will also help you avoid time-wasting mechanical failures, especially when your shipment is on the road. Never compromise the quality of your flatbed.
  • Process used in securing loads. Duct tape is handy – but not for securing loads. In all seriousness, competent flatbed trucking companies in Ontario use multiple options for securing loads to ensure their safety during transport. Whether than means chains, straps, or other combinations of safety mechanisms, how a company approached safety says a lot about their professionalism. Putting your shipment in the hands of experts brings peace of mind to your shipping, no matter what you’re shipping. Another element to this is how they protect your shipment. The kind of protection a company uses for goods shipped by flatbed trailers is also important.
  • What others say about the company. Yes, there are a lot of keyboard warriors out there who try to subvert their competition by posting negative reviews. However, looking to companies who understand flatbed trucking for references is a good way to find the right shipping company for your needs. Working with a trusted 3PL with a huge network of partner carriers is also a good idea.
  • How they recruit and compensate their drivers. Your cargo is only as safe as the driver hauling it is competent. As we have learnt from previous tragedies, doing proper background checks on drivers, ensuring they have adequate training, and knowing their driver history is critical for any company. Drivers help determine the reputation companies have in the transportation industry.

Let NATS CANADA Help You Find the Ideal Flatbed Trucking Company

Given the volume of business being done through NATS Canada, we know which carriers are the best to use for your shipping needs. We conduct a thorough review of all our partners so we can provide companies the best 3PL services. Not all trucking companies are created equal. Let us help you find the right one to move your goods safely and affordably.

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